Visual Content Creation

Lime Imagery, can provide stunning photography & video for your website, social media, leaflets, & merchandising.


We understand that simply creating stunning imagery for your business isn’t enough. The best imagery in the world is useless unless it matches your brand and story. This is where we are different from so many other photographers out there. As well as being expert photographers, we have first hand marketing and business experience, and a clear understanding of the requirements of web and social media marketing.


On average potential customers will spend no more than ten seconds on your website while browsing, unless there is something to hold their attention (that is where we come in). We are constantly bombarded with images on-line, so strong imagery is one of the key elements that can convert a casual browser into an interested viewer and a potential customer. This also applies to brochures, flyers, and posters so you can capture the viewers attention, making them stop and take time to find out more about your company, products and services.


This is done by presenting a business, product or service in a way that creates the desire for further interaction with your company, and triggers a call to action. We are able to work with you to create exactly those images and exactly the right look and feel for your brand.


With all projects big or small, we openly communicate with our clients to ensure they are fully informed during the entire process. We believe our background in business, coupled with our skills as photographers makes us the ideal choice for any brand conscious organisation seeking cost effective imagery. This has led us to create special packages for Web and social media marketing.

Social Photography & Videography Packages

Creating an ongoing, steady stream of social media content is a must for almost all businesses in today’s fast paced world. But making that content takes time, resources and expertise, making it hard to keep up with the demands of social media marketing.

We are helping companies and businesses overcome this issue by providing a simple range of affordable, photography and video packages aimed at providing you with content when you need it, and how you need it.

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