Lime for professional work

Headshots - to look your best!

Lime have a great deal of experience in portraiture, so let our experience help you to make the best first impression. With extensive European fashion experience, we can develop an aesthetic that matches you perfectly.

Let us help you showcase your professional image. We will plan with you the type of images needed, and then show you how to look good, with posing to achieve that look. We then professionally retouch the selected images to achieve the fantastic look, you need for your career. Wanting to collaborate on a project, we'd love to hear from you!

We also work with a small, talented crew of Make-up and Hair Stylists, Stylists, Assistants and Producers to maximise efficiency and produce work that is the highest calibre. We have recently added packages of professional images combined with a promotional video that sells your image or brand to your intended social audience. 

If you require any further information, on our visual content creation services, please click on this button (below).


Sample showreel

Portfolios for models and performers

Lime Imagery offers a special modeling or portrait experience, as we specialise in creative portraiture and model headshots for all. PLUS: we now have a video option, so if you need a low cost showreel, we can absolutely do that!

Contact us to discuss our affordable prices, unique studio location (interior and exterior), & the creativity and flexibility of working with our team to create something really unique and personal to you.


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